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Buying an Ultimate abs stimulator from, was it worth it?

Let’s start from the beginning, what is the Ultimate Abs Stimulator? It is a belt that targets all the muscles of the abdominal strap and tones them thanks to electro stimulation.

For many years, we have used these devices for rehabilitation purposes. If you have already broken a member who needed rehabilitation work with a physiotherapist, he may have stuck diodes that sent you unpleasant electric chocs. Well that electro stimulation could be used a little differently.

After unfortunate accidents some muscles are too little, or sometimes no longer stimulated. You have to wake them up. The principle is very simple: electro stimulation will faithfully reproduce the processes involved in the muscular contraction controlled by our brain. And it makes it so faithfully that the muscle is unable to differentiate between a voluntary contraction (by the brain) and the electro-induced stimulation . It is like having a pocket gym-hall that will be working when you are sending e-mails for example.

So when I received my abs stimulator from, it is written that the results are visible after 4 weeks.

Of course. But let it be clear, that this is not a magic device. This belt does not give us the super power to build six packs abs without efforts.

ultimate abs stimulator

A healthy diet and physical exercises to boost results

This abs toner acts like a booster. So if your favorite hobby is eating chips in front of the TV from the beginning to the end of the week. If on Saturdays you go to eat a good burger at the restaurant and if on Sundays all you do is sleeping, this belt will not be useful to you, as it will not transform all fats you ingested into muscles.
On the other hand, if you eat normally: embedding vegetables, proteins, and a little carbohydrate for strength; if you go to gym, at dance club or any other type of physical activities, this abs stimulator can be yours.

What are the quality of the Ultimate abs stimulator from

As I get my Ultimate abs stimulator I discovered quickly that I could use it everywhere I am and anytime: at the office, at home, at the cinema, in the metro. I could easily put it inside my bag and go to the office. I also realized that it is discreet due to its color and to the fact that it doesn’t make noise. 10 programs are incorporated in the device and each of them has about 150 levels of intensity. And the must is that I have to use it only 30 minutes per session.

In conclusion, I can say with no doubt that I had an excellent experience with the Ultimate Abs Stimulator I have bought from In few months (average two months), my abs muscles got firmed and well-drawn.

But I didn’t get these results effortless. If you find a brand that claims this kind of promises, please, stay away from it.

As you get the device, it is important to sustain it by doing physical exercises when you use it. If you don’t have the time for exercising or if you don’t really like sport activities, you can do like me, by using one day only the belt, and practicing natural exercises another day. The results you get are effectives.

To use your Ultimate Abs stimulator properly, we have some YouTube’s tutorials that show you how to tone your abs and get flat belly.

Untill I tested the belt personally, I had so many questions and doubts, but once I got one which I purchase in a very secure way at, I could its effectiveness very quickly. So do not hesitate, ta a ride to and buy your Ultimate Abs Stimulator NOW to get the abs you have always been dreaming of.

Small efforts that aren’t so small

Burning Exercises

We are what we eat, and that’s a concept we should have in mind if we really want to change some of our eating habits.

If all day long we stuff ourselves with sweets, chocolates, we eat out of hours and anything, we can’t pretend to have a healthy and harmonious body. We must start by seriously considering

For this purpose, there is nothing better than an evaluation of our daily activities. We must see how we get used to eating and what we eat.

To realize if we respect or not the schedules and if the agapes are carried out with tranquility and harmony. We must also see that other tics we have acquired that can be harmful, such as eating standing up, not doing it when playing, etc.. We also evaluate our activity and realize the extent to which sedentarism is a vice that we carry with comfort or a supposedly real need. Other things that will help us are these:

1. Learn how to chew

We must learn to chew and thoroughly salivate all foods before swallowing them. The digestion will be lighter and will increase the feeling of satiety. Ideally, chew 30 times each serving before swallowing it. Obviously, this number will vary depending on the consistency of the food.

2. Schedule purchase

Buying at the last minute, quickly and running, in addition to being an unnecessary expense, will mean that we buy food by whim or anxiety, moving away from a correct path of health or diet.

We must be austere when shopping. Keeping hypercaloric products (sweets, pastas, chips and snacks, chocolate, sausages, precooked products…) at bay and out of the basket. This is not to say that we do not buy them, only that we keep them at a certain distance. Let us remember that if they are not freely within our reach it will be much more difficult to fall into temptation.

3. Choose restaurant

If for the imperative that we must eat outdoors, we will not go to the fast food establishments more than once every ten days, as they usually serve high calorie products and with a huge contribution of fats that our body does not need.

The ideal, and in the long run almost always cheaper, will be to access a simple menu, choosing a first based on vegetables or salad and a second on the grill.

4. Watch out for snacking

Even if it’s a snack, we should leave the bars aside and always sit down to eat. If this were the case, it is better to eat a plate of half a serving than to snack a few varied tapas, since it will be very difficult to calculate the amount of food we consume.

5. Maintain cycles

We must distribute the daily meals in four or five. A second breakfast and a snack, for example, are two ways to provide our bodies with what they need and prevent us from reaching the table with a desire to burn and “starving”.

6. Establish constraints

If it is difficult for us to give up sweets, we must replace the pastries and creamy ice creams with a sorbet. On the other hand, we will try not to consume citrus fruits immediately after the meal, because their contents in acids and other substances can affect the digestion, making it heavier and causing heartburn. The best time to taste this type of products is always the first one in the morning.

We must limit the intake of slices and lattes. In spite of the extended custom already converted into ritual, it is better to taste it separately or with great moderation. The reason for this lies in the fact that coffee contains substances called tannins which, when combined with the proteins contained in milk, form particles of a very hard digested albumin.

Other tricks that can help us in setting certain limitations are:

“Moderate us with bread. We will not give up consumption, but we can opt for integral, which has fewer toxins than white bread and, of course, more fiber.

“We’ll take the fruit between hours and not put it together for any main meal.

If it is difficult for us to do without the fruit as dessert, we will change the order and enjoy it as an appetizer or as a juicy snack before the meal.

“We will not do without cereal. However, we must chew them well, salivate them properly and accompany them with plenty of water, because, in addition to regulating fiber, they will provide a feeling of satiety.

We should moderate our consumption of red meat and take them at most once a week. This food, in addition to containing many toxins, takes infinitely longer than the one used to synthesize the nutrients that provide us with products as easily digestible as fish or vegetables.

5 sports accessories to do exercises at home

There are many good ways to do exercises at home to stay fit and healthy if you do not want to go to the gym. When you know how to exercise you can do it at any time of day or night.

You do not have to go out to train and you can do it in total privacy. There are some great pieces of equipment that provide good ways of exercising that do not exhibit an unreasonable price. If you can do some of these, you will have a good bodybuilding team in your home.How to do exercises at home

1. Jump strings

Combs or jump ropes are not for the fun of children. A jump rope provides a good way to do exercises at home, if it is in your budget. They are inexpensive and provide a great exercise routine for the legs. Along with toning your upper body help you lose fat. Jumping also strengthens the heart and lungs.

2. The resistance bands

Some people consider resistance bands as something worn by middle-aged women. However, they have become an integral part of professional body building. It helps to work many different areas of the body. When using these bands for your training, choose the one that has adequate resistance to your strength and the exercise you are doing.

3. Exercising balls or fitball to do exercises at home

Exercise balls are used for weight training and for physical therapy. They are a little more difficult to store, but this is a good way to exercise at home. To stay on the ball are required to engage all muscles, which increases strength and improves stability. Even sitting on them instead of a chair offers great work out of the abs. These spheres come in many diameters and different prices. They oscillate depending on the size and amount of pressure it supports.

4- Russian dumbbells to do exercises at home

Weights provide good ways to exercise at home for high intensity interval training. They can have varied shape since they look like a cannonball with a handle, originally came from Russia.

They are excellent for the fusion of cardiovascular endurance, strength training and flexibility. They are used very successfully to do exercises at home. Unlike conventional dumbbells, exercises with Russian raisins often involve more repetitions. They work several muscles at the same time, particularly the legs, arms, shoulders and lower back.

5- Waist Trainer

A waist trainer is the best option for loseweight fast and get in better shape without doing so much effort. You can also use it while you sleep to lose some inches.



Aside from that you must practice these exercises it is opportune that you remember several things. The first thing is that you exercise with cardio exercises. You can choose some of the aerobics or do trekking, jogging, running and also the treadmill.

You can walk half an hour a day, or if you are in physical condition try at least a mile a day. As you align your waist you will see the success of doing exercises at home. Get on the road and we hope you have the best of success.

Supplementation can mark a very effective path to success. Nitric Max Muscle and Anabolic RX24 help make training results more effective. The muscles will develop more fully in the body and in the body and in a short time. Together they naturally increase the levels of nitric oxide and testosterone in the body.

Abdominal exercises for flat tummy

Nowadays abdominal exercises are vital to flatten a belly and give it an attractive shape. It is common that these exercises are done in order to obtain the so-called “six pack”, which is considered very attractive.

The exercise performed by the abdominal muscles and especially the exercises of the lower abdomen are really difficult. They require a lot of effort and a special diet. The latter is vital to prevent the abdomen from increasing further. Then you will know effective exercises for men. Remember that those exercises should be done in a systematic and frequent way.abdominal exercises at home

Cycling abs

To begin with, let’s talk about the bike crunches. This is a very good exercise to work the lower abdomen. In order to accomplish this, you must lie on the ground with your face towards the ceiling. The legs are bent and the head stands up and the arms are placed behind it.

Then, the right knee should touch the left elbow in a circular motion. Then the left knee should touch the right elbow. This should imitate the movement of the bicycle, and consequently exercise the abdomen with great effectiveness.

Lateral abs

Then we come to one of the best abdominal exercises. You should be lying on the floor, with the legs bent. The trunk is slowly raised towards one of the knees and about 10 repetitions are performed.

Rest for a few seconds and then do the same with the other knee. Also make about 10 repetitions. Practice between 2 and 3 sets per session.

Lower abdominals

These abdominal exercises shape the lower part of the belly. It begins by lying on the floor face up. Then, the legs rise and bend the knees. The hands are kept below the hip. The heels were then lowered slowly to a few inches above the ground and held in this position for some time. Again, the legs are raised back to their initial position. This movement is repeated a few times.

Long abdominal exercises

Starting from the position lying on the floor, the hands are placed behind the hips. Then raise one leg until it is 90 º from the floor. Then the same is done with the other leg. You should alternate series of 10 and 20 repetitions to get good results.

Horizontal contraction

The body is placed face down supporting elbows and forearms. The feet are supported on the tips of the fingers. This position should be held for one minute, contracting the abdomen. It is difficult and can cost a lot of work. But it is one of the best exercises for forming the abdomen.


Throughout this program, it must be taken into account that a healthy and light diet must be followed. They are also interesting to accompany abdominal exercises with cardio exercises. In fact, it is best done before.

Aerobics, which rely on walking, running, playing, swimming, consume oxygen, so they will accelerate the burning of surplus fat. It can also increase endurance in the body through Nitric Max Muscle, which is a natural precursor of nitric oxide. It provides renewed strength and endurance for physical training.

How to increase muscle mass with good results

If you want to have a toned body, you may be interested in knowing how to increase muscle mass. Above all, if nothing you have done so far seems to work. It is possible to imagine how you feel. Most bodybuilding programs in magazines are simply not designed to work for everyone.

They are designed for genetic monsters and drug users who get results from almost any training routine they use. Let’s face it “are they growing, just when we think about them?”- Not really.gain muscle mass

So what can you do to eliminate that disadvantage and finally start building muscles? You definitely need to start working out. You have to learn to start working smart.

How to increase muscle mass with exercises

The biggest problem that most people encounter when they start is that they use too much weight, do too many sets and exercises. Then, when these do not make any progress, they aggravate the problem by adding even more sets and exercises.

It is often seen that if you start out doing 10 sets on the body part, you do not make any progress. How do you know that you should add sets instead of eliminating the sets of your bodybuilding training?

A much better idea is to start with a very low number of sets. These should focus on getting more repetitions in their sets, also in adding weights to your exercises on a regular basis.

Muscle building and training

This is not just for beginners. If you have been working for a while and you do not make progress on the muscle building you want, you can benefit from cuts in training volume as well.

To begin with, it eliminates all small movements of individual joints such as push-ups to the chest, dumbbell sides, concentration curl, among others. It continues with great compound movements like squats, dead weight, sauces, push-ups and dumbbells with vertical rows.

In fact, you are going to get some gains in muscle mass just by using those five exercises. Just use your recovery sources that prevent you from making the profits you want to make. This is how increasing muscle mass is possible, and is getting in progress in a reasonable time.

Routine and rest

Another way to kick-start your muscle mass progress is to trim three workouts per week. Most training programs have training four times a week. But if you are always training, when will you recover? After all, muscle tissue breaks down during training. And only the repair of the rest causes this to be modified to grow.

That is why it takes time for the muscle tissue to repair and recover from the workout. And after that, it takes more time for muscles to adapt to getting bigger and stronger. If you practice too often, only the opposite will happen. The muscles will atrophy and stop growing. This is why you cannot put aside the rest.

A great variety

Complete body training should be performed for 3 days a week, not consecutive. For example, during Monday, Wednesday and Friday, they will be held for 4-6 weeks. You can also do a full body workout program on Monday and Friday, leaving aside the arm exercises. Then on Wednesday take off and work the biceps and triceps. It should also last between 4 and 6 weeks.

Consider also performing a complete body workout twice a week, for example Monday and Thursday or Tuesday and Friday. Remember that variants are the key to the body that is forced to change and modify constantly.


After this, you can begin experimenting with a variety of split training routines. It is what is involved in how to increase muscle mass. However, there are not going to be like the typical routines you see in magazines.

Supplementation is very effective for effective progress. The best are Nitric Max Muscle and Anabolic RX24. The former is a precursor of nitric oxide which is vital to gain endurance. The second is a supplement that stimulates the production of testosterone in the body, which is vital to increase strength. It is a combination you cannot leave out.

Weight loss exercises you can do at home with great effectiveness

It is often difficult to find the time to practice weight-loss exercises. You have to pack a sport bag with a change of clothes, a towel, slippers and a bottle of water. Once you have driven there, you get settled into the machines. Then by the time you have finished a 30 minute workout you have been out of the house for two hoursexercises to lose weight

There are lots of weight loss exercises that can be done. This addresses different areas of the body without leaving the comfort of your own home.

You do not have to block hours and hours of training to see results. The weight reduction (body toning exercises), which are presented here are designed for busy professionals. For those who prefer to spend time with the family before being caught in traffic, on the way to the gym.

Weight loss exercises

If we consider what you want to change from your body, 9 of 10 women would choose to improve thighs and buttocks. You will discover a lot of machines ordered in the market that pretend to offer exercises easy and fast.

While the simplest phase of training is accomplished in youth, no difficulty is really established if you start at later age. Military exercises such as kneeling exercises are recommended here.

You can quickly find out that cardio or aerobic exercises are the most effective for weight loss.

If you start knowing the Cooper test, you can establish measures to start your walks and then your careers.

These weight-loss exercises begin with a mile-a-day walk, which begins by walking slowly. After a while the walking speed increases, until you reach the trot. The stroke distances are then progressively increased.

The asthenic exercises

It is interesting that you can use weights for your training, as well as gym exercises, using race platforms and also vibrating.

The exercises of going up and down stairs at different speeds strengthen the legs and all your joints.

It also uses stationary bicycles. If you have a bicycle, start periods of daily trips of more than 10 km.

Practice also in your house

One of the advantages of the treadmill is that you can run for more than an hour always watching your favorite series. Not only this, but you can listen to the best music.

The use weights

Weight training is another way you can lose weight and look better, without having to go to the gym. You can easily perform in a few repetitions with light weights while the children are sleeping. Also add them to your morning routine.

Try to start with the weights in the range of 3 to 5 kilograms, to begin with. This way you will avoid potentially damaging your back or muscle tension, especially if it is a new exercise for you.

Weight-loss exercises using weight are based on a large number or relatively low resistance repetitions. You can start your routine doing biceps pushups with a weight of 4kg.

Stand by placing your feet at shoulder height, holding the weights at your side. Then bend the weights upwards, until the arms are bent at an angle of less than 90 degrees. Go back to the starting position. Perform this movement 10 or 12 times at a total of 3 repetitions. You are really going to start to see the results.

We now comment on the existence of Nitric Max Muscle an extraordinary co-artist. Mixing the components into this amazing new product will enrich your strength-building regimen for dramatic results. Designed to increase muscle mass quickly and improve endurance this supplement is a scientific antioxidant complex with natural ingredients. These are scientific enhanced with nutrients to deliver nutrients and transform your body. You will get great definition and performance.