What causes hair loss?

Hair loss is a very sensitive issue for most people who suffer from it. Losing hair can be extremely devastating. It can also affect a person’s own image, confidence, and even their emotional well-being.

Great emphasis has been placed on male pattern baldness. But women represent 40% of Americans who suffer from the weight loss of their hair. Psychologically, all people see is hair loss. You cannot determine exactly why you are losing your hair. It happens that they do not know if it is temporary, permanent or an illness.

In order to get an accurate diagnosis, women who suffer from hair loss should visit a dermatologist. But in order to get a clearer snapshot, in the following list are some common types of hair loss.stop hair loss

What does alopecia mean?

Alopecia is a fairly common term that is frequently used in the context of hair loss. But what exactly does it mean?

It is actually the medical term for hair loss, either from the head of a person or from the body. However, there are over dozen types of alopecia in existence.

Two broad categories of alopecia are recognized: non-scarring and scarring. The main difference between both categories is that scarring alopecia causes severe damage to the hair follicles. This develops scar tissue that can cause hair loss permanently.

Alopecia usually includes baldness with pattern, generally known as androgenetic alopecia.

Hair loss and genetics

This is what is meant when you lose your hair due to genetics. It is the most common type of hair loss in humans and in men. This is commonly referred to as male pattern baldness.

Women can experience androgenetic alopecia. But instead of baldness like men, your hair usually becomes thinner and thinner. This occurs in the middle third of the scalp.

Baldness in women

A woman is experiencing uneven baldness with areas of dry and brittle hair in certain areas. It is likely to be caused by chemical styling techniques or damages. These style methods include, but are not limited to:

  • Horsetails
  • Tight braids that are essentially pulling hair from the root; and damage the follicles
  • Smoothing creams or other chemical processes
  • Overheated hair tools frequently used

Scarring alopecia in women

If a woman does not treat her hair and scalp once she notices her weakening, the problem could get worse. Progress can go as far as cicatricial alopecia can occur. It can be due to due infectious problems originating in the scalp.

It can cause individuals to lose patches of hair because the fungus penetrates the hair causing it to become brittle and loosen. Although it is more common in children, adults may also develop fungal infections of the scalp and have to be checked for this condition when appropriate.

Diseases of hair loss

These are just some of the many types of hair loss possible, including hair loss due to: lupus, alopecia areata, thyroid disease, anemia and other diseases.

Many people are initially informed of their hair loss condition by a hair care professional. This can be very disconcerting. Make sure you get medical follow up right away.

Sometimes this is solved with proper nutrition and healing. And there is a product that has made it possible to eliminate many cases of alopecia.

It is Nuviante which is one of the main hair loss treatments in the form of consumption of supplements. It has the ability to provide the basic minerals and nutrients for our hair. It is a healthy option for these types of hair problems.

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