How to Increase Intelligence in a Short Time

It is very possible to increase intelligence in a short time. Some techniques for this are discussed below. Do you want to improve your IQ? Of course, you can use brain power exercises and memory techniques.

But they have long-term effect and you should practice regularly with them. What if you want to increase your IQ now? It may take your entire IQ to be ready at a very important time. So the following techniques will help you.increase intelligence and memory

Breathing can increase intelligence quotient

Breathing deeply through your nose will greatly relax you and help you stay calm. Deep breathing infuses oxygen into the blood and therefore into your brain and improves its functioning. A relaxed brain is much more efficient.

Also in the nasal breathing is used more the diaphragm, which is a reason why the lungs are filled more of air. This is the simplest and shortest way to improve your IQ quickly.

Another level of relaxation through breathing is meditation. Sit in any position where you feel comfortable and focus on your breathing. With your eyes closed and breathing through your nose initially, you really go for relaxation.

You will have interfering thoughts, but simply ignore them and keep your attention on your breathing. Do this for a few minutes.

Posture and exercise to improve the intelligence test

The position you take to resolve any problem will certainly affect the intelligence at your disposal. Just notice the difference when you solve a math problem and you are stooped while doing the same sitting upright.

This last chance will certainly be better, since you can think much better as well. Also, exercise is very necessary, but not in a very hectic regime. Exercise should only be enough to pump blood into the brain.

Walking is good for many people, but a better alternative to increase intelligence is aerobics. Sleep is also very important for the proper functioning of the brain. It is vital to keep the mind functioning effectively.

Diet which increases intelligence

Ginkgo biloba has the ability to increase blood flow to your brain. It is a food that you should have on hand to increase your intelligence. You can use their leaves, either in tea or in the form of capsules. It also helps improve your memory and concentration. The affect is immediate and lasts for a long time, if used regularly.

Caffeine is definitely a powerful boost for IQ. It has been proven that any test taken after consuming caffeine in one form or another increases your score. But remember, the effect is only temporary and if caffeine is used too much, it can have adverse side effects as well.

Renunciation of sugar and carbohydrates

Any carbohydrate if taken over a limit can affect your thinking. Insulin is injected into the bloodstream after you have the sugar, and therefore lowers your thinking ability. Avoid all carbohydrates like white flour, sugar, potatoes, if you want to think clearly.

The results are important at the end

Experts debate endlessly whether the above techniques can actually increase intelligence. But it is worthwhile to consider them if you need your intelligence to be at its peak at an important time.

So, sleeping well, drinking coffee and thinking while sitting, increases IQ. There is no harm in doing the above techniques. These will prepare you better to face any task.

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